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Fear looks like a totally normal boy, he looks as if he is 15 years old. The orubourus tattoo is located on his left shoulder, and he loves to hide it by wearing jackets and T-Shirts. His eyes are a soft Silvery color, his hair is also Silver. Fear's skin is a very pale white. This is because he spends most of his time in the mountains.


Fear's human life was spent on top of a mountain with his parents. Fighting off the snow, and blizzards that came their way. Nothing really happened, but his father was a skilled Alchemist, and always tried new things. Soon the time came when He wanted to bring back a human life, he was so confident he would succeed that he didn't bother waiting for the time to come when one of his family members would die. He killed Fear, and brought him back, only to have himself, and his wife, die. The alone and confused Fear lived alone in the mountains, not knowing he was one of the oldest Homunculi in the world. Soon he traveled, always wearing his mom's old neckalace.

Eventually he clawed his way to power, and his friends named him Fear, because it looked like he was always staring straight into your soul, as if he knew what made people tick. He loved seeing the fear in people's eyes, and did anything to see it again. Some deemed him insane, even though he was just following his nature.


  • Fear can see people's souls, not a body, for spirit attachments he always saw the body the person has, not the armor.
  • Fear always knows your deepest fears.
  • He has a lot of knowledge, being very old.
Leader of Homunculi
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Mom (deceased)

Dad (Deceased)

Species Homunculus
Eye Color Silver
Hair Color Silver
Height 5'8
Affiliation None
Weapons Katana, and a Knife